Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Masonry Lifts: Grout Pour

Met on site with John from CALQUAKE (the concrete sub-contractor). The first thing we did was take an overall dim with the long tape to check (once again) the interior dimensions. We came in at 49' 1" - 1/2" over what we needed! This is great news because while the Bosch beams and colums can be cheated out a bit, they cannot be cheated to compensate for a dimension that is too short. We had contemplated shaving down the block where the columns would go, but now that looks to be a thing of the past.

Another big coordination issue is the are where the under-slab ducting crosses beneath the footing. Basically the footing is going to have to span a 48" gap where the ducts are, and consequently will not work as designed. The footing has been dug already, so now we are trying to re-design it to act as a beam in the area of the ducts. It just goes to show you that no matter how much you design and plan, things always need to be reworked in the field. I always like to think of the building as a body- in that it needs constant re-evaluation and primping to make it come together.

Waiting on the concete trucks to show up for the grout pour...For those who are unaccustomed to construction lingo, a "lift" is the height of a course of blocks that have been grouted by the masons. The typical lift height varries by municipality, but for safety measures you don't want to pour higher than 6' because the block is unstable untill it's cells are filled. So today we are "grout filling" (filling the cells of block with concrete) the block to the 6'-0" mark and will begin constructing the next lift of the wall later today.

The weather is holding up O.K. though they say it is supposed to rain tonight. This is bad, because we want to hog out the rest of the dirt in the slab area so that it can be recompacted. The dumps won't take wet dirt, so we are hoping that it stays sunny here in SOCAL till we can finish this phase of the project.

Waiting on the concrete trucks and the plumber...


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