Monday, November 07, 2005

Masonry Walls 1st lift

So Alan and I made it out to the site this morning to do structural observation for the retaining walls of the iT House. All the bars were in place and the walls were up to the 6'0" mark. We checked the overall interior dimensions of the house to make certain we were within a 1/16" of an inch and found that we were 3/8" off. After thinking for awhile we decided to come back the next day with a "long" tape, just to be sure. If the overall dimensions are under what they should be the Bosch system will not work. No one on the project has ever worked with tollerances this tight! In masonry construction the normal tollerance is usually anywhere from 3/4" to 1'-0" over the length of the building. The hope is that because we were adding dimensions in the field that the discrepency can be attributed to that.

Just waiting around for the inspector to show up then we can confirm tomorrows grout pour for the walls.


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