Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Masonry Walls/Grout Pour

So our plumber never showed. Construction is one of the few industries where people can get away with flaking on meetings and it's not unusual that you show up at the job site and the sub either calls you 2 minutes before the meeting, or they don't call at all. You just have to roll with it and hope they didn't die on you or something.

About the same time I was wondering about the plumber the truck showed up with our grout fill. It took the crew an hour to fill the entire wall and vibrate the concrete to make sure it sits down in the cells. After having lunch the crew is going to continue to build the wall and put the first coat of waterproofing on the lower side.

We have city inspection tomorrow and then we can grout fill the entire wall and start on the slab.

We are still looking for a roofing company to do the epdm roofing. It is frustrating as there are plenty of companies, but no one who does residential. If the iT were only a 200,000 s.f. warehouse we'd be in luck.


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