Saturday, November 12, 2005

Waterproofing and Backfill

With the rain behind us The crews have begun preparations for the backfilling operations on the retaining walls. They waterproofed the walls today with Thuroseal and then added an addition sheet membrane of MiraDri. This is because the retaining walls will make up the back of the house and need to resist any moisture seepage. The MiraDri is a roll-on (think wall paper) material that forms an added layer of protection. After the guys get that set up they will put in a perforated drain at the base of the wall. We are also installing 2"x12" of rigid insulation at the base of the wall to contain the heat generated by the radiant flooring. All in all it makes for a lot of coordination and continuous inspection inorder to insure that the job gets done properly. Afterall, no one wants to have to re-excavate, and re-waterproof the wall if it leaks.

There is a backhoe on site again that will dump the dirt behind the wall to complete our backfill operations. There is a lot going on today, and so it's exciting to see things moving forward so quickly. We are still on schedule, but one delay could set us back a week. On Monday we will layout the trenches for the underslab work and begin the most complex part of the project.


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