Friday, November 04, 2005

Week 5: Masonry Walls

So the day started out with the second course of block. After making some adjustments to get the walls exactly to the proper interior dimension, the crew methodically laid each block, finishing the second course in about an hour. The alignment of the rear retaining walls is criticial as they not only have to align visually, but must meet the Bosch columns at the correct intersections. The masonry crew's efficiency is impressive. a laborer brings block to the masons and they set everthing with and such precission- it looks like a bunch of lego bricks. As they work there is a constant checking and re-checking to be done, to ensure that the walls are in plane with each other as well as level across the entire course. Monday we go for inspection again and hope to "grout fill" the first 4'-0" high section of block on Tuesday. The goal is to have the entire wall complete by the end of the week.


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