Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Week 5

Phase: Concrete footings at retaining walls.

The general thing people don’t realize about construction is that it is about good days and bad days- As long as at the end of the project you have more positives than negatives, then you are doing O.K. Monday was one of the bad days. Alan and I arrived at the site to inspect the rebar cages for the footings at the rear retaining wall and noticed that one of the footing excavations was not as long as it should be. After a quick conference with the project engineer we decided that the footing had to be re-excavated and the cages in that area re-done in order to match the detail. A minor hiccup no doubt, but one that cost us two days since the city inspector only visits the job site on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

After stopping by the site today to inspect the work one final time, we signed off on the rebar cages and barring any problems with the inspector tomorrow, we should be pouring our footings on Thursday.

The soils engineer visited the site and confirmed that all the soil under the footprint of the house, to a depth of 18" will have to be removed and disposed of due to excessive organic material (roots!). New fill will have to be brought in and compacted prior to pouring the slab. It is expected to add about a week to the overall schedule.


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