Friday, December 09, 2005

Ducts get covered.

Well, we finally made it. Alan and I showed up at 800AM to finish building some formwork around the ducts and then waited for the concrete truck to show up. It was only after the pumper got set up that we realized that we were going to get dirty. I manned the pump hose while the pumper got his machine cleaned out and got the honor of spraying the first load of concrete into the trenches. The hose was pretty difficult to handle and weighed about 100 lbs. as it was full of concrete. Alan, the pump jockey and I spent the next three hours moving from trench to trench methodically filling in the space around the ducts. It is key that when one is pouring concrete over duct work that the concrete be poured around all of the ducts evenly. If you put too much on one side, the weight will cause the ducts to collapse. It was a pretty stressful exercise, but between the three of us we made it happen. 4 hours and 20 yards of concrete later the job was done and the site was ready for the concrete subs guys to come back in and backfill over the ducts.


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