Thursday, December 01, 2005

More “duck work” Madness

The HVAC subs called me at 7:30 am this morning to say that there are still problems with some of the trenches and that we need to lay out the box points so that they can set their register boxes. This is after he had said the day before that he didn’t need us for another couple of days. Alan and I flew out there on the 5 freeway and realized once we got to the site the amount of work that was involved. Normally with this type of under slab ducting you would excavate the entire slab area, lay out the ducts, form around them, and then re-fill the voids. We realized that by not insisting on this method we had set ourselves up for more work than we had bargained for.

3 hours later…

Don, the foreman for Rusher Air keeps referring to the ducts as “ducks” and is a non-stop supplier of sarcasm and friendly jabs. He was really patient with us though and was willing to work out solutions to some of the coordination problems rather than just grouse about how things were not going according to plan. It is key to have good subs who are problem solvers. The guys who create roadblocks or point the finger are no good to work with and for something as precise as the iT house, there are bound to be coordination issues- especially since this is the first one.

Alan threw together a master set of dimensions on a piece of card board and we set up a string line in various parts of the building so that we could orient ourselves in the mass expanse of dirt, and metal. After checking and re-checking our dimensions we realized that practically all of the dimensions were off by a little bit here and there. It appears that our digging crew “crept” the original lines with each swing of the shovel. It took us another hour to re-set the strings, place the stakes and dash back up the 5 freeway to Los Angeles.


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