Friday, December 16, 2005

Week 11: Plumbing

So this week we were supposed to be wrapping up the slab and moving on to the Bosch framing system. However, we've made every attempt to be extra carefull in cross checking our layouts so that everything is perfect. This is the part of the project we don't want to rush, because it will be harder to fix later. It's been really educational and will help us solve some of the complications on future iT Houses. After backfilling on Monday the crew came back and then re-trenched for the interior footings and plumbing runs. After some field layout with the plumber on Wednesday the excavation crew dug the plumbing trenches only to find that the concrete covering the ducts was too close to the surface to allow for some of the sewer runs (which must drop at a ¼” per foot). After the plumbers crew chipped out some of the concrete and did their “take-offs” work commenced on the actual piping. This morning Alan and I went to the site to check the work and overall things looked pretty good. A lot of the problems with the plumbing runs occurred because of the ductwork having been placed first, as well as the fact that the iT House has hardly any walls, or places to conceal the plumbing (which has its own set of eccentricities dictated by the Universal Plumbing Code or UPC for short). However, the delays have helped us to redesign some things so that the next iT House will be easier. The bend in the picture above is an “island vent” used in lieu of a vent stack. It allows for some pressure differential so that the gasses, etc… will travel to the vent stack in some other part of the building.

Monday we should be pretty far along with the sewer piping and into the gas and water supply. The plan is to go for plumbing inspection on Wednesday and then push onto electrical for Thursday. We’d hoped to have the slab poured by Christmas but with all of the delays caused by the under-slab mechanical system it looks like it is going to be happening in January.


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