Thursday, February 02, 2006

Week 16 - Concrete Slab

Today is Concrete Slab day and it starts at 6:15 AM with the pumper and the concrete truck arrival.

As the concrete is poured in different areas, the finishers step into the wet concrete and start leveling it out with a 2x4.

This is the slab at the end of the first truck of concrete (10 yards). The process up to this point took about 45 minutes.

Once the slab is leveled, the floater comes in to smooth out the surface and bring the excess water to the surface. It takes two or three passes and a couple of hours to finish this process.

After the floaters are done, the steel trowel finishers start to put a fine touch finish on the surface. In this iT house, the Owners have decided to add a tile floor on top of the slab so the finishing process ends at this point. In the other iT houses with finish concrete floors, there will be a further step in which the concrete is polished to a super-smooth texture.

The iT house cabinets will have to fit over the radiant floor stub-ups and around the vent stacks and electrical distribution.

Here I am on the cell phone TCB! It's great to finally see the slab in place because now the exciting work begins with the aluminum structure. After tomorrow when we pour the courtyard slabs, work will stop for about 10 days while we wait for our framer to free up his schedule from another job. Once he starts though, we're expecting to go pretty quickly!


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