Thursday, February 02, 2006

Week 16: Courtyard Slabs

The courtyard concrete work is done at a different time than the rest of the floor becuase the courtyards are depressed lower than the floors (about an inch) so that water will not flow inside during rain. We also need to put insulation around the edge of our floors to help prevent the warm radiant floors from "spilling" all their heat out the sides. To do this we had to wait a day for the floor's concrete to harden enough to safely remove the forming boards and insert our insulation in their place. Now we fill in the courtyards and cover up the insulation.

Each courtyard in this particular iT house has a drain in the center. Normally, we would just slope the courtyards to drain off into the perimeter, but in this case we are building up against a hill and have trapped our courtyard from natural drainage.

With the courtyards done, we are finished with our concrete work!


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