Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Week 18: Aluminum Framing

So this week started out with the initial erection of the Bosch framing system. Chuck Moffit, our trusty fabricator, met with Alan on site and together they laid out the frame of the iT House. After everything had been figured out, Chuck and his crew began assembling the frame piece by piece. After two days of work a majority of the house was complete and you can see the results for yourself.
What makes the iT House so unique is that unlike a steel building that requires welds at the connection points, the aluminum system bolts together, saving both time and cost. Most important however, is that it produces an aesthetic that is cleaner and more refined than steel. Because aluminum has a stronger cross-section one is able to specify thinner members, producing a structure that is both elegant in its appearance and economy.

After the Bosch system is complete, the roof will be installed next and we will the iT House will truly begin to look like a building.


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