Monday, March 27, 2006


This weekend Taalman Koch presented the iT House to the public at their booth at CABOOM03. For those who don't know what CABOOM is, imagine a tradeshow of designed "lifestyle accessories" These could range from metal wall panels that grow plants to full-blown architecture like the iT House. The event gives the general public a chance to check out some of the most cutting-edge products on the market- some of which have graced the pages of design magazines such as Dwell, Metropolis, Architecture, ID, and other trade magazines. We took the opportunity to interface with the public and show them all of the intricate details of constructing the iT House, as well as showing folks that the iT House is different from other "Prefabs" because it is more about lifestyle than economics (of course we had some data on hand to address the dollar side of things as well).

Since the iT House is considered Prefab, we were given space in the Prefab section of the event and got a taste of how hungry the public is for the concept. The TK crew manned the iT House Booth from Friday morning when the show opened, to Sunday evening when it closed. We passed the time by answering questions and educating folks about how great the iT House is.


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