Friday, March 10, 2006

Week 21 Thursday

A long and busy day at the iT house...

The stainless steel cables for the cross bracing were installed today. They help the structure stay rigid against lateral loads like wind or earthquake.

Also, the metal track was installed for the bathroom walls. Typically, the iT house doesn't have any normal walls, but in this case they were added by the client's request. Additionally, part of the house is lodged into the hillside against our new retaining walls. Track has also been installed in these areas for the upcoming sheetrock phase.

The last of the Epic roof panels were put in place followed by the wood blocking used to attach the galvalume gutters to be installed around the perimeter.

The last bit of sunset from atop the kitchen section of the roof decking. Next week the roofing materials will be installed to make it waterproof.

And the final touches were finished to complete the framing phase with the expoxy anchor bolts being installed at dusk.


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