Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Week 22

Electricians install the recessed ceiling lights - typically in the iT house there are no lights in the ceiling because of the added complexity of the coordination between roofer and electrician. The owner in this case elected to add this feature as a customizing option and was willing to accept the additional time and expense for added funtionality. The j-boxes for the recessed fixtures fits in the channels of the steel roofing. Conduit is chased out to the perimter for the minimal interference with the roofing process above. Before the sound-absorbing insulation can be placed in the roof decking cells, a wire mesh is rolled in to keep the insulation from showing from below.Foam rubber stoppers are placed at the end of the cells to prevent air flow through the perforated decking and over the beams and down into the conditioned indoor spaces. With the perforated decking, the batt insulation acts as a sound asborbtion material to help the indoor spaces feel more comfortable.

A quick stop at the local Bosch distributor: Automation Controls.


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