Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Week 23

Electrical rough-in continues this week while the roofing starts. Also in the roofing package is the installation of the galvalume gutters & fascia which gives our roof it's finished edge.The custom bathroom we created for the client was built out of standard steel framing instead of our usual cabinet/walls. The wall framing contractor normally only does museum walls, but was so intrigued by the iT house design that he decided to make an exception.
The electricians took a lot of pride in their work by making sure that the electrical was put out of sight. In a normal house this is simple, but in a house with exposed structure, they had to slip the conduit inside the columns and beams to get it up to the ceiling fixtures.Rough plumbing for the custom shower, bathtub, and lavatory also was placed in the wall framing. Modern Arc, the fabricator for our custom orange resin shower enclosure, will come out to the site to measure for all the valve locations before they generate their resin pieces.
The gutter/fascia is attached to 2x nailers at the perimeter of the roof decking.
EPS rigid insulation board is passed up to the roof.
The galvalume gutter/fascia installed around the courtyard...The finished gutter/fascia looks nice and neat when complete. The tapered insulation gets built-up and adhered to the roof decking.Next week the waterproofing will be installed over the rigid EPS insulation board. For the rest of this week, the roofers will be "tapering" the insulation in order to create a positive slope to the gutters.


Blogger Jamie said...

This gutter/fascia system is brilliant.

Where do you get these or are they custom made?

I showed this picture to an installer, he estimated possible deflection issues over time, and assumed it would have to made of a thicker gauge steel.

Any thoughts on this?

I am currently in the design/build of my house, and am considering fabricating something similar for my fascia.

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