Thursday, April 13, 2006

Week 26 Glazing

The rain finally let up and let us get starting on the glazing. We were also supposed to install the cabinet that holds the outdoor fireplace - and that is partially inside and partially outside, but the Owner had unknowingly scheduled digging work (to change his pool) that made it impossible for the cabinet maker to move the finished pieces across the yard. They have been rescheduled for next Tuesday. Otherwise this week we finished placing all the Fleetwood shash pieces for the fixed glass. And installed a few of the packaged units such as the Awning windows and Sliding Glass Door frames. The three weeks of on-again, off-again rain not only stopped us, but it also has messed up most of our subcontractors' schedules as well. A lot of this week has been spent on the phone trying to work out scheduling and coordination for bringing them all back into the project to get moving next week.


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