Thursday, April 20, 2006

Week 27 Tuesday

Systems 32 came to install a section of their cabinets today. This cabinet spans across the courtyard and will contain the washer/dryer as well as the radiant floor controls and the boiler with hot water storage. In the center of the outdoor side will be a fireplace. The cabinet comes in three parts and is joined together in the field.Some of the base parts of the cabs had to be cut out to acommodate the electrical and plumbing that was cast into the slab.
The large opening in the middle is the pocket for the pre-fab ventless fireplace.
The hole at the left is for electrical panel.

The interior side of the cabinets are high-gloss plastic white laminate
The exterior of the cabs will be covered in Grail Coat which is an elastomeric stucco application.The fireplace is set in the cabinet.Insulation is placed in the cavity of the front wall of the cabinets. Tomorrow a large section of the glass is to be installed.


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Blogger James Curtis said...

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