Thursday, April 20, 2006

Week 27 Wednesday

Glass! Dandoy Glass delivered the majority of the glass today and began installing the fixed glass pieces.These are the fixed glass pieces for the clerestory areas above the 8' beams. The narrow pieces go between the lower roof and the higher roof.The standard fixed glass units -- called IGUs (Insulated Glass Units).To pick up the glass, the guys and Dandoy glass use suction cups.They carry them to the respective locations and use the suction cups to lift the glass once its roughly placed.Once the glass has been placed and leveled, they drop in little sections of the glass stops to hold it in place until they're ready to come back with the full-length pieces.
View from the gate to the back yard....
Clerestory glass being installed....
Here's what the iT house is looking like from the street. Dandoy comes back on Monday to install the sliding glass doors and awning windows around the courtyards and up against the fireplace cabinet.


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