Thursday, May 11, 2006

Week 30

This photo shows a view from the kitchen. The cabinet will be extended and an island will occupy the center of the kitchen floor. Off to the right is the living room up against the retaining wall and across the courtyard to the right is the bathroom. Across the courtyard to the left is the master bedroom.

The stucco-based waterproofing called Grailcoat at the fireplace cab has been started. The photo shows the first of three coatings. For future iT houses we are also looking at translucent plastic sheathing as a way to cover the outdoor section of the cabinet. The Grailcoat looks great because it is so minimal in appearance, but it is more difficult to coordinate because it is a unique sub contractor. By using a plastic sheathing we could easily prefabricat the cladding by the cabinet contractor and have it installed by our framing crew.Dandoy has completed the installation of all the glass units, flashing, and glazing angles. They have a couple more days of work to finish the silicone sealant. Now that we are nearly enclosed (more sealant is needed at the structural frame to be totally watertight) the next item will be sheetrock - then the rest of the cabs - then plumbing and electrical finish - then the tile flooring.
A leak was discovered in the rear retaining wall. The owner uncovered some of the hillside at the wall to discover that the concrete contractor had actually removed some of the waterproofing just before they backfilled. This is highly unusual considering that we had observed and photodocumented as the waterproofing fully installed. It was covered in such a way that apprears that they concealed their sub-standard work. The owner has already severed ties with the concrete contractor, having been extremely upset by their slow schedule, so now he has hired a new waterproofing sub who is doing the remedial waterproofing work on the retaining wall. The black Bithuthane area in the photo will be covered by stucco.

The reflection of the glass is looking great!


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