Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Week 28

Above is a view from the master bedroom looking at the newley installed Fleetwood sliding glass doors.
Standing outside looking toward the bedroom across the fireplace courtyard.
View from the kitchen towards the fireplace courtyard with sliding glass doors in place. The fireplace cabinet which can be seen towards the middle right of the photo will be extended through to the kitchen - ending approximately where I'm standing taking the picture. They will contain a refrigerator, wall ovens, and storage on the kitchen side and an ironing board, coat closet, and bookshelves on the hallway side. A kitchen island will occupy roughly the same area as Dandoy's temporary work table viewed in the foreground. The rest of the cabinets will be installed only once we know the building is watertight at the glass, roof, and structural joints.

Week 27 Thursday

Dandoy Glass continues with the installation. The immediate goal is to enclose the area around our fireplace cabinet so that if it rains, the sensitive interior finish won't be ruined. First are the awining windows above the cabinet and the fixed glass units in the hallway.Then the sliding glass door frames are put in place. During the first part of Week 28 the sliding glass doors will be installed in the sliding glass door frames.

Thursday, April 20, 2006

Week 27 Wednesday

Glass! Dandoy Glass delivered the majority of the glass today and began installing the fixed glass pieces.These are the fixed glass pieces for the clerestory areas above the 8' beams. The narrow pieces go between the lower roof and the higher roof.The standard fixed glass units -- called IGUs (Insulated Glass Units).To pick up the glass, the guys and Dandoy glass use suction cups.They carry them to the respective locations and use the suction cups to lift the glass once its roughly placed.Once the glass has been placed and leveled, they drop in little sections of the glass stops to hold it in place until they're ready to come back with the full-length pieces.
View from the gate to the back yard....
Clerestory glass being installed....
Here's what the iT house is looking like from the street. Dandoy comes back on Monday to install the sliding glass doors and awning windows around the courtyards and up against the fireplace cabinet.

Week 27 Tuesday

Systems 32 came to install a section of their cabinets today. This cabinet spans across the courtyard and will contain the washer/dryer as well as the radiant floor controls and the boiler with hot water storage. In the center of the outdoor side will be a fireplace. The cabinet comes in three parts and is joined together in the field.Some of the base parts of the cabs had to be cut out to acommodate the electrical and plumbing that was cast into the slab.
The large opening in the middle is the pocket for the pre-fab ventless fireplace.
The hole at the left is for electrical panel.

The interior side of the cabinets are high-gloss plastic white laminate
The exterior of the cabs will be covered in Grail Coat which is an elastomeric stucco application.The fireplace is set in the cabinet.Insulation is placed in the cavity of the front wall of the cabinets. Tomorrow a large section of the glass is to be installed.

Thursday, April 13, 2006

Week 26 Glazing

The rain finally let up and let us get starting on the glazing. We were also supposed to install the cabinet that holds the outdoor fireplace - and that is partially inside and partially outside, but the Owner had unknowingly scheduled digging work (to change his pool) that made it impossible for the cabinet maker to move the finished pieces across the yard. They have been rescheduled for next Tuesday. Otherwise this week we finished placing all the Fleetwood shash pieces for the fixed glass. And installed a few of the packaged units such as the Awning windows and Sliding Glass Door frames. The three weeks of on-again, off-again rain not only stopped us, but it also has messed up most of our subcontractors' schedules as well. A lot of this week has been spent on the phone trying to work out scheduling and coordination for bringing them all back into the project to get moving next week.

Monday, April 03, 2006

Week 25 Rain!

Rain is forecast through Wednesday. Cabinets and Glazing are waiting for some dry days to get started.