Thursday, June 22, 2006

Week 35

It's been a while since we last posted progress on the iT house. We have moved into the "finishes" phase which will slow down progress considerably. Normally the iT house has all factory finishes, but this house has custome terrazzo tile flooring, a custom resin shower, drywall, as well as a number of other custom time-consuming items.

The owner has been in Europe for the last couple of weeks and we are waiting for the custom resin shower enclosure to be fabricated and installed by Modern Arc. But a few things have happend in the meantime including the paving of the pool area with the help of the neighbor, Rick, installation of the island by Euro Kitchens and the rest of "spine" section carcasses of kitchen cabs by Systems 32. A major milestone was passed when we passed inspection on all the electrical rough-in and plumbing rough-in.

The "spine" cabs still need to have doors and shelves installed. We are holding off until all construction work is completed to insure that there is no damage inflicted upon the doors by accident.

The kitchen island will have a waterfall caesarstone top and a kickplate installed once the finish tile floor is done.

The island rough-in plumbing and electrical is ready to go.

Brand new concrete deck in front of the iT house.